Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Top IT Staffing & Recruiting Trends To Look Forward In 2015

The U.S. IT staffing and recruiting industry sets a new benchmark in 2014 with the growth of about 7 per cent to reach a new all-time high of $25.9 billion. With robust growth in the IT sector and increasing dependence on technologies, the industry is expected to show similar growth prospects in IT staffing & recruiting services in 2015 as well. 

Huge technological advancements and digitalization of traditional machineries have created a need for thousands of IT professionals and IT resources in quick time. As per estimate by an independent research, there will be a requirement of about 685,000 IT personnel by the end of 2022. The driving force behind this development is increasing dependence of people and enterprises on computers and other related digital devices for both personal and commercial use. 

So what’s in store for IT staffing and recruiting services in 2015? If market experts are to be believed, the recruiting services will witness digitization of candidates’ profiles and job requirements where companies will find best IT talent over the Internet. 2015 will be the year when IT professionals go beyond traditional forms of writing and submitting resumes, and take a step forward to use digital platforms to showcase their talent. The ‘static’ profile will be replaced by a virtual, dynamic and well-maintained online profile. Several websites like LinkedIn, etc. will provide IT professionals and IT staffing and recruiting companies a common platform to share their expertise and future goals.
Apart from digitization of IT staffing services, there will be more thrust on social media platforms to know about individual candidates, their activities on the Internet and what they are saying online about companies, etc. There will be a proper tracking system placed to search candidates with specific skills and experiences to match required job profiles. Mr. Yogesh Sharma, co-founder & CEO at Mamsys Consulting Services Ltd., one of the eminent IT Staffing & Recruiting Services provider companies, says “2015 will witness a significant growth in the use of applicant tracking systems to provide better candidate-friendly experience over the Internet.”

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